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Learn double-stop 6th harmonies on the ukulele in a self-paced intermediate-level video course.

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6th Sense in action:


"I love this course!!! Thank you!! Exactly what I’ve been seeking."

- Nancy Ikeler

6th Sense is an in-depth look at everything you need to know about 6th intervals on the uke:

  • The two simple shapes you need to play them
  • How to line shapes up to play harmonized scales
  • Fitting simple runs around chords
  • How to create 6th fills in songs
  • Practical examples of how to implement them

For just $24.99 you'll get lifetime access to detailed instruction on this important subject from one of the web's most respected uke teachers, Brad Bordessa.

16 Video Lessons

Just under two hours of dual-camera 1080p footage means you won't miss a single detail

PDF Printables

Fretboard charts and diagrams show you everywhere you can play 6ths on your uke

Note-For-Note TAB

Learn the examples from each lesson with beautiful Guitar Pro transcriptions

"These practical examples are sooo helpful. I feel like I’ve won the lottery!"

- Val Slemko

Meet Your Instructor

Brad Bordessa has been playing and teaching ukulele for over a decade and a half. He's an honors graduate of the Institute of Hawaiian Music and webmaster of LiveUkulele.com. Brad is a staff instructor at George Kahumoku, Jr.'s Slack Key & Ukulele Workshop and has taught alongside James Hill, Kevin Carroll, Gerald Ross, Fred Sokolau, Bryan Tolentino, and others.

Included Videos:

  1. Intro/Welcome - Overview of the course along with basic terminology, concepts, and expectations
  2. The Two 6th Shapes - How to play the major and minor 6th shapes and place them on the proper strings and frets
  3. Your First Harmonized Scale - How to harmonize a simple scale using major and minor 6th shapes
  4. More Scales + Scale Concepts - How scales function internally with 6th harmonies and several additional scales
  5. BONUS LESSON: Switching String Pairs - How to extend scales onto other strings to extend their range and location
  6. How to Learn More Scales - Study tips for learning more scales in a harmonized style
  7. Playing Over Chords: Part 1 - Learning how 6ths fit around chord shapes
  8. Playing Over Chords: Part 2 - (Continued)
  9. Playing Over Chords: Practical Examples - Part 1 - Using 6ths to connect the dots between chord changes and play basic fills
  10. Playing Over Chords: Practical Examples - Part 2 - (Continued)
  11. Symmetrical Chromatic Connections (Hawaiian) - How to use back-to-back 6th shapes to create sour and intriguing transitions
  12. Scrubbing (Hawaiian) - Tips for dipping the harmony shapes out of line to create movement
  13. Broken 6ths (Hawaiian) - Using the individual components of the 6th shapes to create melody variations
  14. "Ka Moaʻe" (Hawaiian) - Song tutorial including how to play the melody and how to jazz it up using tricks learned in past lessons
  15. "Hilo One" (Hawaiian) - Song tutorial including how to play the melody and how to jazz it up using tricks learned in past lessons
  16. Final Study Tips/Outro - How to continue learning about 6ths beyond these lessons and some final inspiration

Each lesson is shot with two camera angles so you can see Brad when he's explaining something, but also a close-up, fingers-only view when there's a demonstration to see.

"As an intermediate player, most of the on-line resources and books that I have used are either too focused upon specific technique or present so much information that I am overwhelmed. Brad Bordessa's material seems to hit the “sweet” spot for me by teaching topics that are within my technical ability and yet have broad application.

His new 6th Sense course has just enough theory for it to make sense and enough practical skills to make it immediately useful. My first viewing of these videos and supporting materials has already given me much food for thought and enabled me to add musical interest to my projects. And there is enough depth to keep me busy for a long time."

- Harold Crawford

Included Downloads:

(All PDFs - except backing track MP3s)

  • Video Examples - TAB x9
  • Scales With Chromatic Walks (C, F, G) - TAB
  • Fretboard Charts (Main Keys) x6
  • 6th Shapes in Major Chords Map
  • Backing Tracks x4
  • 6ths Over Chords - Fretboard Diagrams x5
  • "Ka Moaʻe" - Lead Sheet TAB
  • "Ka Moaʻe" - Video Improv Transcription TAB
  • "Hilo One" - Lead sheet TAB
  • "Hilo One" - Video Improv Transcription TAB

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Sample Lesson

"What a fabulous course this is! I'm sure if you've been playing a while you know some of it, but Brad takes us much deeper. I am thrilled."

- David Smith